Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Plant repaired an important unit

Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Plant (KCKK, part of Uralchem) has completed repairs of the UKL-7 (Unified Acid Line) unit No.5 in the nitric acid workshop. This is the final repair works in this division in 2020.

Every year, during the repair, the company examines the industrial safety and technological equipment and conducts an audit of devices and technological pipelines, catalysts, and filters. The implemented measures allow ensuring the stability of production and fulfill the set plans.

“The previous unit included a two-stage air compression scheme and was equipped with an intercooler. The current system uses one-stage compression without intermediate cooling,” explained Alexander Lobanov, Technologist of the nitric acid workshop. “Besides, the accelerating motor used to work constantly, while in the new system it’s used only during start-up, which significantly reduces energy costs. The total number of equipment is reduced, which means that the costs and efforts for the maintenance and scheduled repairs will decline as well.”

Soon, the plant specialists will monitor the operating process of the new turbo compressor and evaluate its performance. If the new equipment confirms the declared characteristics, then similar reconstructions may be carried out on other UKL-7 units.

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