Sibagro expands its land bank

The Sibagro company has acquired three plant-growing assets in the Krasnoyarsk region. Within this deal, Sibagro received agricultural land with an area of 82 thousand hectares and a granary with a capacity of 240 thousand tons.

“The new assets united into one will help to solve several issues at once. Firstly, the company is growing, creating new industries and acquiring more animals that need to be fed. We control the process from start to finish — from field to store. Therefore, the quality and quantity of feed, which we produce as well, are of primary importance for us,” said the Chairman of the Board of Sibagro Andrey Tyutyushev. “Secondly, we plan to start soon the construction of a plant for deep processing of grain in the Krasnoyarsk region. This production also requires raw materials of high quality.”

The arable land in the acquired farms is 69 thousand hectares. The company plans to introduce into agricultural circulation all the lands, sowing them with spring wheat and barley, rapeseed and soybeans. The yield indicator is planned to be increased to 50 centers per hectare and above for wheat and barley.

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