Fertilizer suppliers in the Rostov region were asked to freeze prices

Vyacheslav Vasilenko, Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region, says that the increase in prices for nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers raises concern for future harvest. Therefore, he appealed to suppliers to reconsider the pricing policy and the general attitude towards agricultural producers.

“Most fertilizers have almost doubled in prices today. Looks like the suppliers live for the moment. If agricultural producers do not apply fertilizers after harvesting, then there will be no yield, and, therefore, there will be no funds to buy fertilizers in the future. We shouldn’t destroy what feeds us. The suppliers should stop and think,” said Vyacheslav Vasilenko.

In the current year, it’s planned to harvest early grain and leguminous crops in the Rostov region from an area of more than 3.2 million hectares, while last year its harvest exceeded 12.6 million hectares.

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