Krasnodar region farmers suffer from high prices

For the past three months, mineral fertilizers have risen in price by 42%, said the Governor of the Krasnodar region Veniamin Kondratyev during a meeting on the prospects for crop production in the region.

The farmers complained that due to the increase in prices, they were forced to spend extra 300 thousand rubles (approximately $4 thousand) only for one type of mineral fertilizers for every 100 hectares.

The Governor addressed the producers of mineral fertilizers, particularly the representative of EuroChem attending the meeting.

“There should be a balanced pricing policy since agricultural producers may not survive to the moment when prices on the world markets go down. If you, as our regional manufacturer, have a long-term business outlook, let’s consider the issue together. We will have no harvest without fertilizers. I respect business and understand that it should also make money. However, getting surplus profit at the expense of the minimum profit of others is not fine,” said Veniamin Kondratyev.

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