Rivne Azot plans to repair the damaged workshop in 2 weeks

The Rivne Azot plant (part of Group DF) is eliminating the consequences of depressurization of the pipeline in the nitric acid workshop. According to the experts’ assets, the work on the restoration of the full-fledged operation of the workshop will be completed within two weeks.

“I’ve just spoken with the Director of Rivne Azot. The term for the restoration of the workshop is up to 14 days. This is a pessimistic scenario. We will launch the workshop earlier,” said Oleg Arestarkhov, Director of Corporate Communications at Group DF.

Earlier, the press-service of Group DF reported that 120.6 million hryvnias ($4.430 million) were invested in Rivne Azot in 2020. They were primarily aimed at modernizing equipment and developing production.
In 2020, Rivne Azot produced 1.81 million tons of mineral fertilizers, while in 1H2021— 0.52 million tons.

Source: Interfax

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