Acron has tested its fertilizers in Argentina

Acron Group and the National Agricultural Technology Institute of Argentina conducted scientific field tests of compound fertilizers in the Pampa region (Argentina).

The application of fertilizers NP 22-15-17SO3 and NP 22-20-5SO3 on corn crops contributed to the formation of filled grain with an optimal ratio of endosperm and shell. The mass index of a thousand grains showed growth by 3-6% compared to traditional fertilizers. High yield and quality of grain led to the growth of net profit of farms by 5-9% compared to the classical system of application of mineral fertilizers.

Soybeans, being the most important crop in Argentina, are demanding mineral nutrition. The application of NP 22-15-17SO3 fertilizer had a better effect on the formation of nitrogen-fixing nodules compared to other brands, which is an indirect indicator of the optimal ratio of nutrients in the fertilizer of the Acron brand. Yield growth was 7-14% compared to traditional brands of fertilizers. The economic efficiency of using Acron Group fertilizers was characterized by high profit (increased by 16-21%) compared to the local nutrition system.

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