Achema cuts its production due to high gas prices

Lithuanian producer of nitrogen fertilizers, Achema, is forced to cut its production due to high gas prices. After the annual repairs, carried out in summer, one of the two ammonia plants was not launched.

“Achema is carefully looking into the feasibility of further activities and adjusting its products output. Due to the current difficult conditions in the market, it was decided to temporarily freeze one of the ammonia plants after the completion of the scheduled repairs,” said Ramūnas Miliauskas, Chief Executive Officer of Achema.

He added that due to record-high prices for natural gas, nitrogen fertilizer producers around the world are facing serious challenges.

The scheduled repair campaign at Achema took place in July-August and was completed in early September. Sales of the company’s products last year declined by 3% to 2.47 million tons.

Source: Interfax

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