European farmers ask to abolish import duties on mineral fertilizers

According to the statement of Tim Cullinan, the President of the Irish Farmers’ Association, duties on the import of the carbamide-ammoniac compound and other types of mineral fertilizers into the European Union should be abolished.

Tim Cullinan believes that the investigation launched in April this year by the European Commission on the import of the carbamide-ammoniac compound was a positive step towards eliminating farmers’ concerns about the safety of the production of mineral fertilizers in the European Union.

The reason to initiate this investigation was a report from the Copa-Cogeca company, which said that due to the anti-dumping duties on the carbamide-ammoniac compound members of Fertilizers Europe were making an outrageous profit. At the same time, farmers’ expenditures reached €0.5-1.1 billion.

On November 30, members of the Committee on Agriculture of the European Parliament will discuss the situation on the mineral fertilizer market with representatives of the European Commission.

“Farmers need to be heard by the officials of the European Commission. Over the past 12 months, fertilizer prices have doubled and threatened food production in Europe,” said Tim Cullinan. “We hope the European Commission will balance the market and make it fair for farmers by abolishing all import duties on mineral fertilizers.”

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