Mosaic predicts strong demand for fertilizers in 2022

The experts of the American Mosaic expect that until the end of this year and during the next year, the demand for mineral fertilizers in the global market will be quite strong.

According to their report, the rise in cost (mainly due to the rise in prices for natural gas) has led to a decline in the profitability of some mineral fertilizer producers. However, the situation in agriculture in most countries remains favorable for them.

For example, in North America, Brazil, and China, domestic crop prices justify the increased application of fertilizers to fields, while in India the government recently increased government subsidies.

Mosaic’s expectations may come true, as natural gas prices are at a high level, which is unsuitable for many chemical companies in the Europan Union and China. Therefore, the cost of nitrogen fertilizers in 2022 can be high, at least in the first months.

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