Kropz is reviewing a phosphorite project in Congo

The South African company Kropz is reviewing a feasibility study for the Hinda phosphorite project in Congo. The company plans to release it to potential investors next January.

The Hinda project provides for the development of a deposit with predicted resources of 675.8 million tons and an average content of phosphorus pentoxide of 10%. The deposit’s phosphorites are suitable for the production of phosphoric acid, diammonium phosphate and monoammonium phosphate.

As of today, Kropz has invested approximately $47 million in the Hinda project, spending it on 929 exploration wells, laboratory and pilot testing.

Kropz plans to implement the project in two phases. At the first stage, the extraction of phosphorites will amount to a million tons per year, at the second stage it will increase to 2 million tons per year. The products will be exported.

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