Kropz prepares for mining at Elandsfontein

The South African company Kropz plans to soon start mining phosphorites at the Elandsfontein deposit. The project is being implemented in tough conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the pilot batch of products should be received in 1Q2022.

In summer 2018, Kropz signed an agreement to supply rock phosphate ore to Foskor, the only vertically integrated phosphoric acid and fertilizer producer in South Africa. As follows from the agreement, Foskor’s purchases should account for about a third of Elandsfontein’s phosphorites output. The export shipments are proposed to be carried out through the ports of Saldanha and Cape Town.

Kropz is also reconsidering the feasibility study for the Hinda phosphorite project in Congo. The documentation is planned to be published in January next year.

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