Russian Railways loaded a record volume of fertilizers in 2021

The press-service of Russian Railways (RZD) reports that in 2021 the company increased the loading of mineral fertilizers by 3.6% to 65 million tons, therefore setting an absolute record.

The leaders in the shipment of mineral fertilizers in 2021 were the enterprises of the regions of Perm (17.5 million tons), Murmansk (14.3 million tons), Vologda (6.6 million tons), Novgorod (5 million tons), and Tula (3 million tons).

At the same time, the largest volumes were shipped to the farmers of the regions of Vologda (5.5 million tons), Saratov (3.1 million tons), Leningrad (2.3 million tons), Voronezh (1.1 million tons), Moscow ( 1.1 million tons), and Krasnodar (1.5 million tons).

RZD exported 38.7 million tons of mineral fertilizers (+6.6%), mainly to Brazil, China, Switzerland, the USA, Finland, and Lithuania.

The transportation of mineral fertilizers in containers increased by 30% to 1.7 million tons as well.

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