Berezniki Azot applies Artificial Intelligence in its projects

Azot branch of Uralchem in Berezniki (Perm region) launched a system for monitoring operators’ conditions at the ammonia unit. The system is based on machine vision and artificial intelligence technologies. This is a pilot project of Uralchem ​​as part of its digital transformation.

17 video surveillance cameras have been installed on the central control panels of ammonia units No. 1 and No. 2, which automatically analyze the actions of the units’ operators. Video analytics controls 8 parameters, including the number of employees on the shift, the presence of the protective mask and overalls, loss of concentration, distraction, use of personal devices, the presence in the red zone and the presence of unauthorized persons.

“Systems based on the machine vision are widely used in industrial production. Video analytics becomes our second pair of eyes. These systems solve important analytical problems without direct human intervention. In 2019, Uralchem ​​developed a technological concept for the use of machine vision technologies, following which we test the most popular scenarios to further scale the technology to all enterprises of the company,” said Vyacheslav Shrishkin, Head of Digital Transformation at Uralchem.

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