Azerbaijan increased fertilizers exports

During the January-August period of this year, the supply of mineral fertilizers from Azerbaijan to the world market increased by 79.4% to 242.9 thousand tons, the State Statistics Service of Azerbaijan reported. In monetary terms, their exports increased 4.2 times to $142.2 million.

Their import to Azerbaijan for eight months of 2022 in physical terms decreased by 51.4% to 52.3 thousand tons, while in monetary terms, on the contrary, increased by 30% to $44 million.

As of today, carbamide is the only mineral fertilizer produced in Azerbaijan. It’s produced at the plant of the state company Socar launched in January 2018. The volume of investments in the facility amounted to 800 million euros. Consuming 435 million cubic meters of natural gas, it can output up to 660 thousand tons of carbamide per year.

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