PhosAgro confirmed its products quality

PhosAgro has been re-assessed by the Russian quality system (Roskachestvo) for compliance with the requirements of domestic standards for agricultural products, raw materials, and mineral fertilizers with improved characteristics on the Green Standard platform.

PhosAgro’s Cherepovets, Volkhov, and Balakovo production complexes received documents confirming that their products comply with the Russian national standard, which introduces the world’s most stringent restrictions on the content of heavy metals and arsenic in mineral fertilizers.

During regular inspections, the experts of Roskachestvo studied both technological processes and consumer properties of improved products. The audit, among other things, established that at PhosAgro enterprises, quality control of mineral fertilizers and product traceability records are maintained at all stages of the production process. In addition, experts noted the presence of safe operating conditions at the enterprises and compliance with environmental protection requirements. PhosAgro enterprises also implement interrelated programs of energy and resource efficiency and reduction of environmental impact, including emissions of climate-active gases.

“We will continue to label our products with the “Green Standard” sign and we are confident that the range of products under this sign will only expand. The main beneficiaries of this will be consumers, who will have the opportunity to receive accurate information about the environmental benefits of PhosAgro’s mineral fertilizers for the production of improved agricultural products and food. They are fully available to the Russian agricultural producer both in terms of volume and cost,” said PhosAgro CEO Mikhail Rybnikov.

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