PhosAgro was awarded with the Environmental Quality Seal

The products of PhosAgro have received the Brazilian Environmental Quality Seal. Previously, an audit of its enterprises was carried out with the aim of mutual recognition of the environmental labeling of mineral fertilizers and the creation of uniform requirements in the markets of Russia and Brazil for environmentally preferable chemicals based on the current standard of the international system “Vitality Leaf”.

In 2021, PhosAgro was the first in the Russian mineral fertilizer industry to receive a certificate of compliance with environmental standards for agricultural products, developed by the Ecological Union and recognized by the World Eco-Label Association. In October 2022, the company passed the inspection control for the compliance of its products with the Ecological Union standard, confirming the right to use the internationally recognized Vitality Leaf ecolabel.

The Brazilian standard matches the Russian environmental standard for most criteria. As part of the mutual recognition of eco-labels, Brazilian experts examined the life cycle of PhosAgro’s products, paying particular attention to the production, storage, and transportation of mineral fertilizers. The set of conformity assessment criteria included production, environmental, and social aspects of activities such as energy efficiency and the use of secondary material and energy resources; use of the best available technologies; customer orientation in terms of complete and reliable information about the properties and optimal use of mineral fertilizers. The Brazilian standard has strict limits for arsenic and heavy metals, identical to the Ecological Union standard. PhosAgro’s mineral fertilizers fully meet the established requirements.

“The economies of Russia and Brazil are part of a single chain of agribusiness. We import 23% of all types of mineral fertilizers from Russia, which is important to us as an agricultural nation. I want to congratulate PhosAgro, one of the largest players in the Brazilian market, which became the first Russian mineral fertilizer producer to receive the Brazilian Environmental Quality Mark”, said Brazilian Ambassador to Russia Rodrigo de Lima Baena Soares.

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