Group DF is circling the drain

In 2022, Group DF (Ukraine) reduced the production of nitrogen fertilizers by almost 70% to 1.754 million tons. Of their total output, ammonia production amounted to 529.7 thousand tons, ammonium nitrate – 521 thousand tons, carbamide – 182.6 thousand tons, and carbamide-ammoniac compound – 248.9 thousand tons.

In the structure of the enterprises that are part of Group DF, Cherkasy Azot produced 1.117 million tons of products in 2022, the rest is Rivneazot.

The press-release of Group DF cited the loss of control over Severodonetsk Azot, high natural gas prices, power outages, and problems with logistics and marketing of finished products as the reasons for such a sharp drop in nitrogen fertilizer production. A 40% decrease in effective demand from Ukrainian farmers also contributed.

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