Severodonetsk Azot doubled its production

By the end of 2020, Severodonetsk Azot (Ukraine, part of Group DF) increased the production of mineral fertilizers by more than twice up to 843.16 thousand tons.

Of their total volume, the production of ammonia amounted to 432.86 thousand tons, ammonium nitrate to 444.38 thousand tons and carbamide to 352.04 thousand tons.

“Compared to 2019, we have more than doubled the production of mineral fertilizers. These results were achieved due to the restoration of the full production cycle at the enterprise and the commissioning of the ammonia workshop No. 1-A. We have noted production growth across all our products. Due to the resumption of our own ammonia production, we managed to include the capacity of the carbamide plant into operation,” said Leonid Bugaev, Chairman of the Board at Severodonetsk Azot.

According to his statement, several factors influenced the restoration of production potential, including an acceptable price for natural gas. Another key factor, which is especially important for Severodonetsk Azot, was the restoration of a reliable power supply.

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