Togliattiazot improved carbamide shipment capacities

The Togliattiazot plant (Samara region) has completed the comissioning of static scales in its carbamide and packaging workshop. The launch of new equipment improves the accuracy and speed of loading products into mineral carriers.

The daily capacity of the complex is 90 wagons weighing up to 71 tons each. Static scales consist of a reinforced concrete base and two metal platforms on which the front and rear wheel sets are installed, which makes it possible to determine the mass of the entire car. Load cells fixed under the platform are part of a multi-channel measurement system.

Special software receives the sensor signals and allows operators to control the entire carbamide shipment process.

The digital equipment of the complex performs the identification of wagons using a video surveillance system. The camera recognizes their numbers, broadcasts the image from the railway tracks, and the terminals record and transmit information about each stage of weighing trains, which minimizes possible errors. Installation and configuration of digital equipment was carried out by Togliattiazot specialists.

“The rapid development of digital technologies requires industrial enterprises to apply technical re-equipment. The use of the new complex makes the entire process of carbamide shipment more accurate and technologically advanced, reduces the human factor and optimizes the work of the shipment operator,” said Andrey Ulyanin, head of the carbamide shipment and packaging department at Togliattiazot.

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