Yara Sells its Cameroon Assets Balancing the Risks

Yara International ASA has announced the sale of its majority stake in Yara Cameroon to NJS Group — the company’s long-standing minority shareholder. Following the completion of this transaction, NJS Group will become the sole shareholder of the company, positioning itself to optimize agricultural offerings in the region.

The acquisition of Yara International France’s 65% stake marks a strategic evolution for NJS Group and paves the way for ambitious expansion projects. Yara Cameroon plays a crucial role in enhancing the country’s agricultural productivity by importing and distributing NPK compounds and calcium nitrate fertilizers.

To ensure a seamless transition and ongoing collaboration, Yara International ASA and NJS Group have also entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for premium NPK fertilizers, YaraMila, and YaraLiva Nitrabor Calcium Nitrate. This agreement guarantees a continued supply of these essential products to Cameroonian farmers and agricultural retailers, facilitating sustainable agricultural production.

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