Acron increased sales of calcium nitrate

Acron has shipped over 50 thousand tons of high-quality calcium nitrate since the launch of innovative production in August 2022. Deliveries are made to customers in Russia, Latin America (including Brazil and Mexico), Africa, India, and Southeast Asia.

Consumers of the new product note its premium quality, including flowability and solubility, and the possibility of application to various crops. Among a wide range of agricultural products, Acron produces those intended for application in open ground and water-soluble fertilizers for greenhouses. Products are shipped in 25 kg bags and big bags of various sizes.

“In August last year, we supplemented our portfolio with a high-quality premium product that is highly efficient in agriculture and environmentally friendly. Production since the beginning of the year has reached a stable output. Output volumes exceed the design capacity. And now the company has launched a new brand of calcium nitrate with boron, which allows us to offer customers a wider product line and expand the geography of supplies,” said Dmitry Khabrat, Acron’s Vice President for Foreign Economic Affairs.

Calcium nitrate is a fertilizer that is widely used in agriculture. It’s perfectly soluble in water and has a high calcium content and the absence of insoluble impurities. It’s used on various types of soils but is especially effective on sod-podzolic soils. It has also been widely used in the oil industry.

As a reminder, a plant for the production of granulated calcium nitrate was opened at the Acron Group’s production site in Veliky Novgorod in August 2022. The design capacity of production is 100 thousand tons per year. The volume of investments amounted to about 1.5 billion rubles (almost $16.6 million). Liquid calcium nitrate, a semi-product of apatite concentrate processing in the production of complex NPK fertilizers, became the raw material for obtaining a new fertilizer. A specialized warehouse is equipped for storing fertilizer.

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