Acron introduces new calcium nitrate production

In 2022, Acron Group plans to launch a unit for the production of granular calcium nitrate with a capacity of 100 thousand tons per year. The volume of investments will be about $22 million.

The raw material for the new fertilizer will be liquid calcium nitrate, a by-product of the processing of apatite concentrate. It’s planned to produce various grades of calcium nitrate: for agriculture and for industry. Among the brands for agriculture, there will be produced those intended for application directly into open ground and water-soluble for greenhouses.

The implementation of the project will be divided into two steps. A warehouse will be equipped for storing fertilizers. The products are planned to be shipped by rail and road in bags, stretch hoods and big bags.

“The construction of a calcium nitrate plant is an important project in the investment program of Acron Group until 2025. At our Novgorod site, for the first time in Russia, we will receive a demanded product based on calcium nitrate with high strength, thus, we will continue to expand production capacity, our product line and meet market challenges,” said Alexander Popov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Acron Group.

Calcium nitrate is a fertilizer that is widely used in agriculture. It’s produced in the form of crystalline salt and is highly soluble in water. It contains 19% calcium and about 13% nitrogen. It’s used on various types of soils but it’s especially effective on sod-podzolic soils.

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