Russia increased the fertilizer transportation by rails

As Russian Railways (RZD) reports, in July, export transportation of fertilizers by the railways amounted to about 2.77 million tons. Compared to last year, this indicator increased by 4% but compared to the previous month, it fell by 6%.

In July, 967 thousand tons of potassium chloride, 946 thousand tons of nitrogen fertilizers, and 767 thousand tons of complex and phosphate fertilizers were sent abroad by rail.

In total, Latin American countries received 1.36 million tons of fertilizers, 678 thousand tons went to Switzerland, 172 thousand tons to Hong Kong and China, 161 thousand tons to EU countries, 138 thousand tons to India, and 130 thousand tons to CIS countries.

In the period from January to July 2023, 18.34 million tons of fertilizers were delivered by rail for export. This is only 1% more than last year’s figure.

Transportation of fertilizers inside Russia increased to 20.1 million tons (by 9%). In the first seven months of this year, international transit traffic has increased fourfold (5.24 million tons) compared to 2022.

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