TogliattiAzot Confirmed its Product Quality by External Certification

TogliattiAzot confirmed the quality and safety of its products by a certificate of compliance with the voluntary certification system and a safety data sheet issued by certification body Expert-S.

According to the results of a comprehensive assessment conducted under the state regulation scheme, two grades were certified: carbamide-formaldehyde concentrate (CFC) and its improved version CFC-85/U. The validity period of the certificate is 3 years.

The safety certificate for an improved version of CFC was received by the enterprise for the first time. A certificate containing detailed information about the substance guarantees the consumer the safety of use and storage. Besides, in the context of changing legislation, the passport for the standard CFC brand was updated.

Carbamide-formaldehyde concentrate has a wide range of applications. It’s mainly used as a component for synthetic adhesive resins. At chemical enterprises, CFC is also a means to increase the effectiveness and reduce the caking of mineral fertilizers.

“TogliattiAzot’s development strategy is aimed at competitiveness and building long-term relationships with customers. CFC is not subject to mandatory certification but we are confident in the quality of our products, so we decided to voluntarily undergo this procedure. TogliattiAzot has already received such documents for ammonia, ammonium water and carbamide. The presence of a certificate and a safety data sheet allows us to say that all our products and the state of production comply with international requirements and standards,” said Evgeny Mitin, Head of the Quality Management Department at TogliattiAzot.

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