Chicken Poop Bingo: a unique fundraiser for Tucson Village Farm

In an unconventional yet effective fundraising effort, Tucson Village Farm has been hosting Chicken Poop Bingo at the Tucson Hop Shop. This quirky game has become a novel way to raise funds for the farm, aiming to educate youth about agriculture and healthy living.

The game’s setup involves a mobile chicken coop with a floor marked with numbers 1 through 50. Participants buy tickets corresponding to these numbers, and if a chicken poops on their chosen number, they win. The event, which has been running since 2019, includes several rounds of anticipation and excitement as players wait for the chickens to do their business.

The director of Tank’s Green Stuff, Shota Austin, enhances the experience with his enthusiastic announcements of winning numbers and interactions with the crowd. The game includes strategy elements, as players can buy chicken treats to try and influence the outcome. The farm’s community engagement coordinator, Jess Luse, notes the strategic aspect of feeding the chickens to potentially direct them toward specific numbers.

Apart from the bingo, the event also features a chicken dance-off and light-hearted chicken jokes, adding to the fun atmosphere. These gatherings are not just about entertainment; they serve a greater purpose. Each event raises significant funds for Tucson Village Farm, typically between $500 and $800. The farm, run by Pima County Cooperative Extension and the University of Arizona, focuses on teaching children about food sources, preparation, and healthy living.

The funds raised are currently directed towards building an Animal Education Center at the farm. This center aims to house goats and sheep, enhancing the farm’s educational offerings. Children visiting the farm often find the animals to be their favorite aspect, which drives the farm’s motivation to expand its animal-related facilities.

Jessie Jean Mance, co-owner of Tucson Hop Shop, emphasizes the event’s universal appeal, noting its humorous and unique nature, making it an enjoyable experience for all ages. Mance suggests arriving early to secure seating and enjoy the full experience, highlighting the event’s popularity and its contribution to a good cause.

Source: This Is Tucson

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