Hydrofuel Canada secures US patent for ammonia production system

Hydrofuel Canada, a developer of ammonia energy and fuel systems technologies, has announced the issuance of the US patent for its Micro Ammonia Production System (MAPS 1.0) and the completion of a commercial prototype.

The company said its technology will advance sustainable ammonia production, offering a high-yield and efficient alternative to traditional methods by synthesizing ammonia from air and water through a gas-phase electrochemical process.

The newly patented MAPS 1.0, which is priced at US$700,000, synthesizes external hydrogen and nitrogen extracted from the air to produce the ammonia. If the hydrogen source is green, the resultant ammonia is too, thus ensuring cleaner energy production.

Hydrofuel Canada said that the more advanced iteration, the MAPS 2.0 system, which is priced at $850,000, represents a significant technological breakthrough by merging hydrogen and nitrogen production in a singular unit.

This not only simplifies the production process but slashes the cost of producing green ammonia and hydrogen to half that of current electrolysis-based hydrogen production. These cost figures do not take into account potential savings from government incentives or tax credits.

Greg Vezina, the chairman and CEO of Hydrofuel Canada, expressed enthusiasm about the recent developments, stating: “The issuance of our US patent for MAPS 1.0 and the completion of our commercial prototype are major milestones towards our goal of making clean energy and fertilizer more affordable and accessible.”

The company anticipates that MAPS 1.0 units will be available by spring 2025, with MAPS 2.0 expected in the summer of the same year. These systems promise to significantly reduce the cost of storing green hydrogen in ammonia, potentially transforming the clean energy and fertilizer industries.

Hydrofuel Canada is also preparing to launch a pre-order campaign, allowing customers to secure early delivery of MAPS units with a small deposit. This initiative underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing the accessibility of green ammonia and hydrogen production technologies.

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