Acron has cut complex fertilizer production

In 2019, Acron Group reduced the production of mineral fertilizers by 1.7% to 6.087 million tons. Ammonia output decreased by 1.3% to 2.583 million tons, that of complex fertilizers – by 19.6% to 2.026 million tons, however nitrogen fertilizer output was up 16.5% to 4.933 million tons.

Ammonia production was temporarily stopped for the purpose of modernization in Q4, 2019, which caused the decline. The upgrade of the ammonia unit was completed at the end of 2019, increasing its capacity manifold.

The production of complex fertilizers was down because their output at Dorogobuzh decreased in response to changes in regional demand, while the Acron plant grew manufacturing of bulk blends with the launch of a new unit.

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