Cherkasy Azot skyrocketed production of carbamide-ammonium mixture

Last year, Cherkasy Azot increased the production of nitrogen fertilizers by 20.8% to 1.57 million tons.

The total production of nitrogen fertilizers can be split into: ammonium nitrate production amounted to 467.8 thousand tons, urea output reached 607.6 thousand tons, aqueous ammonia – 9.6 thousand tons, and ammonia (for sale) – 56.3 thousand tons.

“We were able to complete the modernization of the carbamide-ammonium mixture production plant. This allowed to increase this product output by 86%. Urea production increased by 36%, commercial ammonia – by 43%. In Ukraine, demand for carbamide-ammonium mixture is growing faster than for other nitrogen fertilizers,” commented Vitaliy Sklyarov, Chairman of the Board of Cherkasy Azot.

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