Highfield Resources fights Coronavirus

Highfield Resources, an Australian company, has announced that, in connection with the coronavirus epidemic, it has sent all its headquarters employees to work remotely: they now sit at home and discuss all the necessary issues on the Internet.

“Highfield Resources is closely following the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Government of Spain in order to ensure the safety of all our employees and stakeholders,” the company’s press release said.

In Spain, Highfield Resources implements the Muga project, which provides for the development of potash deposits, composed mainly of sylvinite. Due to the mode of occurrence, their layers come close to the earth’s surface. The development of the deposits will be carried out by two enterprises using the chamber method with subsequent processing into potassium chloride.

Muga’s potash reserves are 263.7 million tonnes with an average potassium oxide content of 13.5%. Investments in it are estimated at 413 million euros, the projected production capacity is 1.08 million tonnes of potassium chloride per year.

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