Odessa Port Plant set two records in January

Odessa Port Plant (Ukraine) reported on the production and financial results of January 2021. Last month, the company produced 47.6 thousand of ammonia and 70.5 thousand tons of carbamide.

29.5 thousand tons of carbamide were shipped to sea vessels. Because of the weather conditions, carbamide was loaded onto ships at short intervals in favorable weather.

Due to the beginning of the sowing season, Odessa Port Plant increased its supplies of carbamide to the Ukrainian market. In January, the company shipped 6.7 thousand tons by road, which is the record result over the past four years.

Transshipment of ammonia for export in January amounted to 229.8 thousand tons, while its shipment to the domestic market of Ukraine by rail amounted to 6.1 thousand tons (the highest figure in five years).

Odessa Port Plant also conducted the restoration of technological equipment to working condition. And the repair of the ammonia production unit No.2 is continued as well

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