Berezniki Azot expands supplies

Azot branch of Uralchem in Berezniki (Perm region) has set a record for the shipment of bulk nitrogen fertilizers of 188.522 thousand tons per month.

Total volume includes about 107 thousand tons of granular ammonium nitrate and more than 53 thousand tons of carbamide. About 28.5 thousand tons of the rest are the products of the workshops of waterproof ammonium nitrate and nitrate salts.

In just 10 years, the shipments of some products have increased by 1.5 times. In 2010, the company supplied 1.7 million tons of bulk products and about 2 million tons by the end of the previous year.

“Most of the processes in the product loading workshop are automated. The staff works at modern filling units. Automation of the loading process reduces the filling and packaging time. The plant annually implements investment projects and capital investment measures, which allow the company to work efficiently and without interruption,” said Viktor Perekhodov, Deputy Director for Commercial Issues at Berezniki Azot.

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