Berezniki Azot will increase its ammonia production volumes

Azot branch of Uralchem in Berezniki (Perm region) has begun the implementation of the investment project, which will increase the capacity of ammonium nitrate production. Total investments will amount to 1.2 billion rubles ($16.02 million).

The project provides for the technical re-equipment of the granulated ammonium nitrate workshop #3A and the weak nitric acid workshop #5.
For this purpose, six units producing non-concentrated nitric acid will be re-equipped. Therefore, the designed capacity of these units will increase by 230 tons per day.

The renewal of the equipment in the granulated ammonium nitrate workshop #3A will enhance the work of all production stages. As a result, the designed capacity of the AC-72/2 unit producing ammonium nitrate will reach 2.1 million tons per day, which is 250 tons more than the previous capacity.

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