Belarus President invited Gazprom to take part in Grodno Azot construction

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, during the negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, invited Gazprom to take part in the construction of a new nitrogen complex.

“Maybe they will have an interest here. If not, we will build this plant ourselves. We need this complex as the demand for nitrogen fertilizers is growing in the world,” noted Alexander Lukashenko. “Nitrogen is received from natural gas. If Gazprom is interested we can agree on the collaborative construction. That’s it. There was no talk of any money during the negotiations. Therefore, if somebody wants to blame us that we are again with a begging bowl — it’s complete nonsense. Thank God, we still manage to do it with our own funds, despite all the difficulties with pandemic and closed borders.”

The new complex will produce 900 thousand tons of ammonia and over a million tons of carbamide per year. The cost of the plant is estimated at a billion dollars.

Source: Belta

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