Talitsky GOK may receive the first batch of potassium chloride in 2025

As Alexander Popov the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Acron Group, during a meeting with the Governor of the Perm region Dmitry Mahonin, stated, Talitsky GOK, which is being built by Acron Group, should receive the first batch of potassium chloride in 2025.

“In April 2025, we expect to get the first ton of potassium chloride, while in 2028 we plan to reach the designed capacity of 2 million tons,” said Alexander Popov.

During the meeting, parties discussed the implementation of plans under a special investment contract (SPIC) for the development of the Talitsky area of the Verkhnekamsk potassium-magnesium salt deposit, the conclusion of a new agreement on socio-economic cooperation and the creation of a roadmap for the development of industrial cooperation with regional producers.

Dmitry Mahonin noted that the implementation of the SPIC for the construction of Talitsky GOK is a key task not only for the region but for Russia as a whole. Total investments in the project will amount to 87.6 billion rubles (approximately $1.2 billion).

“Since the conclusion of the SPIC, the company has already invested more than 3 billion rubles (about $40 million), created 146 jobs, completed the sinking and fastening of two vertical shafts and continues to develop working documentation for the construction of the mine and surface complex,” said Alexander Popov.

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