PhosAgro allocated over $46 million to resist COVID-19

Measures implemented under the leadership of the COVID-19 control headquarters created a year ago to prevent the spread of infection, stay in force at the enterprises of PhosAgro.

After the first signs of an impending pandemic appeared in March 2020, PhosAgro invited leading Russian and international epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists and psychologists to develop a system of preventive measures. Together they developed strategies for any possible scenarios with the epidemic situation. Redundancy scheme for key personnel involved in the operation of production facilities of a continuous cycle.

Since March last year, of the 17.5 thousand employees of PhosAgro, over 3.5 thousand workers, who are not involved in the production of a continuous cycle, managed to cope with their duties remotely without reducing efficiency.

Regular monitoring of health and thermometry of employees, as well as periodic testing for COVID-19 continue. The company also maintains standards for social distancing in workplaces and in a corporate transport. PhosAgro doubled its bus fleet to ensure a safe distance between workers.

The company also continues the additional sanitization of premises and vehicles and maintains the mask requirement. Workplaces are provided with sanitizers and UV bulbs. There are still restrictions on business trips and face-to-face meetings. The company doesn’t allow workers with any signs of ARVI. All the preventive measures implemented at PhosAgro enterprises equally cover the employees of contractors.

PhosAgro carries out active work to vaccinate and create collective immunity for its workforce. At the moment, almost 3.5 thousand employees received the first dose of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. And almost 2.5 thousand of them have already received the second component. Vaccination against COVID-19 was the third stage of PhosAgro’s voluntary corporate vaccination campaign for the fall-winter period. In the second half of 2020, employees were successfully vaccinated against influenza and pneumococcus.

“I want to thank the entire workforce and each employee of the company separately for strict compliance with preventive measures. Each employee showed responsibility for their colleagues, relatives and friends. As a result, we managed to avoid outbreaks of infection at all our enterprises, ensuring uninterrupted production during the time of the pandemic, preventing disruptions in the implementation of investment projects, and guarantees the country’s food security,” said PhosAgro CEO Andrey Guryev. “As of today, PhosAgro has allocated 3.5 billion rubles (approximately $46.2 million) for the implementation of preventive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic in the regions of presence and support for health care and the most affected groups of the population.

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