Tomet is focused on the maintaining of its production

A meeting of creditors of the Tomet plant (the city of Togliatti, Samara region) decided to continue production and economic activities of the enterprise. The creditors supported the strategy developed by the bankruptcy commissioner of Tomet Anatoly Selishchev. Anatoly Selishchev proposed to preserve the production and the staff and continue the development and renewal of the technological complex. The meeting was attended by the representatives of Uralchem — Tomet’s creditor and representatives of the Hong Kong company Triumph Development and Togliattiazot — the owner of Tomet.

“The meeting agreed with my strategy of continuing the operation of the plant. I believe this is the only right decision from the point of view of both the state as a recipient of taxes and creditors who are interested in generating profits, and the debtor itself since compensations need to be paid, and, of course, it’s of the interests of the company’s employees,” said Anatoly Selishchev.

Tomet is currently operating at its design capacity, producing 2.5 thousand tons of methanol per day. The management and the production services of Tomet are preparing for a repair campaign that begins in two weeks.

Anatoly Selishchev also announced that the creditors approved the construction of a station for loading methanol into tank trucks at Tomet.

“This is a new construction project,” Anatoly Selishchev explains. “Until now, the company had a loading rack only for railway tankers. With a new loading facility, we will be able to carry out more rhythmic shipments and will be more flexible in responding to the demands of the domestic market. We expect to launch the facility within a month but much depends on the approval of the construction stages by the relevant departments.”

Source: Togliatti24

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