PhosAgro’s delegation landed at SPIEF’21

PhosAgro delegation will take part in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF’21). The company is a partner of the Forum with a stand, representing the concept of Green Fertilizers and PhosAgro’s Digital Ecosystem.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of PhosAgro Andrey Guryev, his deputies and directors of the company’s departments will share their successful experience in planning and implementing long-term development strategies aimed at increasing the company’s competitiveness in Russia and abroad and strengthening its position among global industry leaders as one of the most effective producers of phosphorus fertilizers, as well as the company’s experience in the field of corporate social responsibility as a factor for sustainable development and addressing global challenges such as ending hunger, ensuring food security and protecting the planet’s soil resources.

PhosAgro management and foreign independent directors will participate in 18 round tables and panel sessions. Besides, this year, PhosAgro supports the main panel session of SPIEF’21, dedicated to the ESG theme, namely “The Pandemic as a Catalyst for Sustainable Development through the Incorporation of ESG Principles”.

PhosAgro will sign 10 agreements with the regions of its presence in socio-economic cooperation and its partners to create innovative products and educational programs, develop digital solutions, logistics platforms, and green energy, and will hold meetings and presentations with Russian and foreign investors.

“The pandemic has proved that the success of responding to global challenges depends on the synchronization of efforts by the state, business and local communities. SPIEF’21 will become a unique international platform for discussing inclusive mechanisms to overcome the negative impact of the pandemic and the transition to a sustainable economic model where we will share our experience in the ESG area,” said Andrey Guryev, expressing his expectations from the Forum. “This year PhosAgro celebrates its 20th anniversary. And sustainable development has been our absolute priority within all these 20 years. PhosAgro, being a socially responsible company, creates jobs and is one of the few in Russia that conducts corporate house construction and takes part in the implementation of major social programs in education, healthcare, tourism, youth policy and sports support. The company prepares highly professional engineers and workers, building an educational paradigm school – college/university – enterprise, using a dual training practice. PhosAgro annually spends about 4 billion rubles (approximately $54.7 million) for charity and social projects. The company additionally directed 3.5 billion rubles (approximately $47.8 million) during the pandemic to support medicine in the regions of its presence and implement a set of preventive measures. PhosAgro also annually spends over 8 billion rubles (about $109.3 million) for environmental protection.

We will tell SPIEF’21 participants about the company’s contribution to ensuring international food security by supplying farmers in Russia and 102 countries of the world with eco-efficient fertilizers free from toxic components hazardous to the health of human and soil. PhosAgro is the only Russian company selected by UNESCO and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN to finance the green chemistry and soil conservation initiatives on an extra-budgetary basis.”

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