Agrosila will launch the new organic fertilizers production

The agricultural holding Agrosila will create the production of organic fertilizers with a capacity of 100 thousand tons per year. The company is currently implementing preparatory and earthworks, while the construction is scheduled to be completed in the 4th quarter this year.

Poultry manure will be used as raw material. The specialists of Agrosila have chosen the composting method, which is an aerobic biothermal process. This process naturally disinfects organic waste with thermophilic bacteria, which are activated with oxygen.

The process can be accelerated by creating ideal conditions for the vital activity of aerobic bacteria and increasing the volume of oxygen in the starting material, which provokes bacteria to actively reproduce.

Agrosila is engaged in plant growing and poultry farming, production of sugar, butter and dairy products. The company includes the Chelny-Broiler poultry complex.

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