Severodonetsk Azot has increased its output of mineral fertilizers by 61%

During the first half of this year, Severodonetsk Azot (part of Group DF) increased the production of mineral fertilizers by 61% to 534.7 thousand tons. Production of ammonium nitrate grew by 18% to 192.1 thousand tons, carbamide by 92.9% to 122.6 thousand tons, carbamide-ammoniac compound by 447.2% to 70.2 thousand tons. However, the output of ammonia (in an aqueous solution) fell by 61.5% to 3.3 thousand tons.

“During six months, we’ve achieved growth by 61%. This is the target result, which is fully in line with the approved nitrogen business strategy of Group DF. Large capital investments are being made in the company, we are growing and gradually getting out of the crisis. The resumption of the full cycle for the production of mineral fertilizers in March last year made it possible to launch the main production sites. Now we are already observing the result,” said Valentin Golubev, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Severodonetsk Azot.

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