Kursk region is facing problems with the soil

A large-scale comparative analysis of the effectiveness of mineral fertilizers will be carried out in the fields of the Kursk region. However, experts warn that mineral fertilizers are required strictly on specific territories. They also note the opposite problem of the deterioration of the soil quality in the Kursk region.

“I would say that the main problem now is soil acidification. As a rule, the exceeded application of nitrogen fertilizers acidifies the soil. For two years now, our committee of the agro-industrial complex has been trying to implement a program for the reclamation of acidic soils in the Kursk region. These measures have not been held at all for a long time, so it’s difficult to make up for the decade-long failures,” said Andrey Gostev, Acting Director at Kursk Federal Agrarian Research Center.

Source: State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company Kursk

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