Russia may export 51 million tons of grain in 2021

The consistently high volumes of grain production in Russia make it possible to meet domestic needs and actively develop exports. According to preliminary estimates of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, the supply of grain crops to the markets of third countries in the 2020-2021 season will exceed 48 million tons, of which wheat is 37.5 million tons. The total volume of crops export will be one of the highest in the history of the country. Besides, Russia will again take the leading position in the supply of wheat.

As of July 1, grain exports (excluding the EAEU countries in May-June) amounted to 47.8 million tons, which is 12.7% more than in the same period of the previous season (42.4 million tons). The volume of wheat export reached 37.2 million tons (+ 10%), barley — 6.1 million tons (+ 37.8%), corn — 4 million tons (+ 2.9%).

The main consumers of Russian crops in the previous agricultural season were Turkey (8.4 million tons, 17.5%), Egypt (8.1 million tons, 17%), Saudi Arabia (2.8 million tons, 5.9 %), Bangladesh (1.8 million tons, 3.8%), and Pakistan (1.6 million tons, 3.3%). And was opened another promising direction of supplies — Algeria.

The export potential in the current season is tentatively estimated at 51 million tons of grain. The final amount depends on the harvest and the general situation in foreign markets.

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