Belaruskali will stop transporting fertilizers through Lithuania in December

Since December this year, Belaruskali will stop transporting its products through Lithuania. This will happen due to the US sanctions against Belarus, said the Minister of Transport of Lithuania, Marius Skuodis.

The Minister also noted that about a third of the cargoes transported by the Lithuanian railways and through the port of Klaipeda is potassium fertilizers becoming the subjects of the sanctions.

“On one hand, we can say that sanctions are applied to the US regions, however, from practical experience we know that banks won’t accept payments for services provided in Lithuania neither in euros nor in dollars. If a company became the subject of the sanctions, other enterprises refuse to have any business relations with it to avoid any risks. Therefore, I can confidently assert that from December, when the sanctions come into force, fertilizers will stop being transported through Lithuania,” said Marius Skuodis.

He believes that about 10% of potassium fertilizers flowing through Lithuania go to European Union, while the rest goes to China, India, and Brazil. The Minister also expects that after imposing the sanctions, the cost of potassium fertilizers will rise to 80 euros (about $95) per ton.

The US imposed sanctions against some individuals and legal entities involved in the suppression of peaceful gatherings in Belarus. The sanctions targeted 27 individuals and 17 legal entities, including Belaruskali.

Source: Interfax

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