Fertiberia Group will launch ammonia production in Sweden

The Spanish Fertiberia Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Swedish province of Norrbotten and its investment agency, providing for the implementation of a project to build a plant for the production of ammonia and nitrogen fertilizers.

The project will require investments of a billion dollars and can be implemented by 2026. The future plant is supposed to use electrolysis technology, as well as wind and hydroelectric power plants.

Fertiberia Group, in cooperation with Iberdrola, has already launched the first industrial-scale green ammonia plant in Spain. In the coming months, a 20 MW electrolytic hydrogen production system will start operating at the Puertollano plant. And in 2023, a 200 MW electrolysis will be commissioned at the Palos de la Frontera plant.

In Sweden, the company plans to create a plant with several 600 MW electrolysis systems. It will produce 1.5 thousand tons of green ammonia per day, which is over 500 thousand tons per year. The product is planned to partially ship to various consumers and partially use for the production of nitrogen fertilizers.

As of today, Sweden does not have its own ammonia production and imports up to 600 thousand tons of ammonia per year.

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