Russian fertilizer producers have fully satisfied annual demand of local farmers

The Russian Fertilizer Producers Association (RFPA) reports that over the past months, domestic farmers have increased the purchase of mineral fertilizers by 15% to 4.58 million tons.

As a result, the annual demand for mineral fertilizers of 4.52 million tons, declared by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia in February 2021, has been fulfilled. The current supplies are already meeting the next year’s demand. There is no shortage of mineral fertilizers, and it’s not expected.

Purchases of mineral fertilizers are supported by a stable price situation on the market. Taking into account sharp macroeconomic changes and volatility of foreign markets, Russian fertilizer producers have fixed prices for their products and provided domestic farmers with discounts since summer this year. The government has also applied a method to determine the price availability of fertilizers.

To guarantee the supply of fertilizers in the coming spring, the government has additionally introduced temporary (six-moths) quotas on the export of mineral fertilizers. The exports limitation will not lead to a decrease in the loading of production capacities. It will reveal farmers’ concerns caused by the deficit in the European market regarding the availability of mineral fertilizers next year.

As of today, the mineral fertilizer industry is ready to meet almost any reasonable demand growth in the Russian market. Amid difficulties with fertilizer production in many other countries, Russia increased its output by 6.1% during the first 10 months of 2021. For Russian fertilizer producers, the domestic market has always been and remains a priority.

“The demand for 2021 declared by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia has been fully satisfied. The use of a sufficient volume of mineral fertilizers helped to avoid the impact of unfavorable weather conditions and receive yield, ensuring food security for the entire country. Following the next year’s demand set by the Ministry, producers have already begun preparing their production plans, accumulating mineral fertilizers in the regions and planning their subsequent delivery to the fields for spring sowing,” said the President of the Russian Fertilizer Producers Association Andrey Guryev.

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