Belaruskali may expand its supplies to Australia

Belaruskali was inspected for compliance with the requirements of Australian legislation in the field of biosafety of product supplies. The auditors checked the work of all mining departments of Belaruskali and its other divisions.

Last year, Belaruskali and Belarusian Potash Company (BPC) fell under US sanctions, due to which all American partners must cease cooperation with them by April 2022. Otherwise, sanctions may be imposed against them as well.

Thus, Lithuanian railways informed Belaruskali of the termination of rail transportation of its potassium chloride to the port of Klaipeda from February 1 this year.

The management of Belaruskali is looking for ways to transport potassium chloride through other ports and expand its supplies to any market except for the European and North American.

The Australian market can be considered suitable since the dependence of its agriculture on the import of potassium fertilizers is at least 250 thousand tons. Earlier, in 2016, Belaruskali and Belarusian Potash Company made the first delivery of potassium chloride to Australia.

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