Togliattiazot stopped the transit of ammonia through Ukraine

The Togliattiazot plant (Samara region) has temporarily suspended the ammonia transition through Ukraine after Russia announced a special military operation in the Donbass region. Togliattiazot will stop the operation of four ammonia workshops and reduce the loading of another three units.

Ammonia will be produced in volumes necessary for the output of carbamide at Togliattiazot and the fulfillment of obligations for its consumers. The management of the company is considering alternative ways to deliver its products, including an increase in shipments by rail.

Togliattiazot pumped ammonia to Odessa Port Plant (Ukraine) where it was reloaded onto sea vessels to export to various countries of the world. In 2020, the transportation volume through the port amounted to about 2 million tons.

In 2021, Togliattiazot produced 3.051 million tons of ammonia and 913 thousand tons of carbamide.

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