Russia is ready to redirect fertilizer exports

Russia may redirect the supply of mineral fertilizers amid the sanctions imposed against it by the European Union and the United States, said Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.

“Recently, we held a meeting with colleagues from the mineral fertilizer industry. We have taken a decision to temporarily limit the supply of fertilizers to foreign markets. This is the measure to overcome logistics problems created by European carriers who do not ship our products,” said Denis Manturov.

According to his statement, logistics operators are currently repairing equipment and vehicles.

“Taking into account the current downtime, we have a chance to prepare our equipment until the situation is lightened and we receive access to logistics corridors. We do not want to create problems for anyone or raise prices, but our colleagues have to take a well-considered decision to let us ship to the countries interested in our supplies. Otherwise, we will redirect our deliveries to those markets that are happy to purchase our products,” added Denis Manturov.

Source: TASS

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