Uralchem received the Green Standard label from the Russian government

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia has included mineral fertilizers produced by Uralchem into the Green Standard brand.

To receive the Green Standard mark, Uralchem’s enterprises conducted an audit to verify compliance with the requirements for the production, storage, transportation and sale of mineral fertilizers, as well as the execution of documentation. Besides, an independent laboratory tested samples of Uralchem’s products for compliance with the standard for the content of pollutants (particularly, heavy metals).

After passing the certification procedure, Uralchem received permission to place the Green Standard trademark on the packaging of its mineral fertilizers. The entire line of Uralchem’s products (about 80 types of mineral fertilizers and other chemicals) has been certified. New products developed by the company will also pass a certification procedure and be added to the list of the Green Standard.

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