Odessa Port Plant appeared at the center of a scandal

Members of the Board of the Odessa Port Plant (Ukraine): Vitaliy Derkachenko, Maxim Zubarev and Alexander Zemtsov, decided to pay themselves a salary and award a bonus of 7 million hryvnias (over $230 thousand). However, the supervisory board of the enterprise discharged them of their duties and terminated their contracts.

Odessa Port Plant is one of the most powerful chemical enterprises in Ukraine. It can produce over 1 million tons of ammonia and 600 thousand tons of carbamide per year. In 2020, the plant produced 566.8 thousand tons of ammonia and 821.2 thousand tons of carbamide.

In February this year, Odessa Port Plant was suspended and in March it was stopped completely. Its employees were sent on indefinite leave.

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