Odessa Port Plant suspends its production due to high gas prices

Odessa Port Plant (Ukraine) suspends its production due to high prices for natural gas.

“Today, we stopped the carbamide production, tomorrow the ammonia production will be suspended as well,” the company says. “The price for natural gas has risen sharply. And Agro Gas Trading is currently refusing to supply it, as it’s unprofitably since the price exceeds a thousand dollars with the company’s markup. The price of our finished products has raised as well and become uncompetitive. All storage facilities are completely packed with carbamide.”

The future of the employees of Odessa Port Plant is unclear: “The obvious fact is that there will be no bonus payments. However, it still can get worse. About 3 thousand people are working at the enterprise. There are rumors that their working hours will be cut up to three days per week.”

In 2020, Odessa Port Plant produced 566.8 thousand tons of ammonia and 821.2 thousand tons of carbamide, exporting most of the products.

Source: TASS

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